The people section is composed by topics. Here’s a suggestion on how to consume.

The One on one is probably the first thing a report will expect. Then, understand how your company sees the Data Science career and where your reports are on it using the Career ladder.

Now you understand better the general expectations about you and your team, use the expectation setting to provide clarity.

If you have someone developing to become a technical leader, see From Sr. to Lead. If you are hiring people for the first time, check the role of the hiring manager and defining a starter project. If you are managing other managers and you need to foster a community of good people managers, see the Continuous calibration.

References for new managers

There are great books on management that can serve as a base for Data Science and ML Engineering people managers.

The Manager’s Path by Camille Fournier: it covers the whole management career for Engineering, which serves very well for Data Science; From first position as a manager to VP.

Radical Candor by Kim Scott: it focus on the feedback and the relationship with the reports. Feedback is commonly the top 3 thing people will expect from their manager, and this book provides a great perspective about it.

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